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    where to start with the 2 gp1200

    Ok so I am new to GH but have been reading this forum a lot latetly and I am just looking to see if I am missing anything. I just recently got a smoking deal on 2 jetskis, a 98 gp1200 and a 2000 gp1200r with trailer for 2000$ cash. I know no history of the machines and the guy I purchased from knows nothing about pwc. He traded a motorcycle for them thinking he would use them but only road them 2-3 times as financial needs were tight with a new born. Anyways compression was good on 98 but the bendix would not engage on gpr, so I removed the plugs and turned motor by hand and spins nicely. The machines are super clean inside. I think the 98 has a fresh motor. Anyway to tell? So I ordered for the gpr waveeater kit, pump block off kit, starter, bendix, carb rebuild kits, and primer kits, as well as head gaskets, and exhaust gasket kits. Pretty much all this for the 98 as well minus the waveeaters. Am I missing anything. Oh also could not test drive due to cold weather. The gpr has a dplate installed but both skis are pretty much stock. So my question is how can I tell if its the original engines, what else should I do while I have them in the garage, and was it worth the gamble?

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    It might be difficult to tell if the engine is new. You could pull the head and see what the top of the pistons look like. The numbers on them can tell you if someone's been in there.
    A fresh set of crankshaft seals isn't a bad idea. An air leak there can lead to a quick lean seize. Only use OEM crank seals if you do replace them

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