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    Difference between a non supercharged rxp from a supercharhged rxp HELP!!

    Hi am looking to buy a 07 rxp and i came across one that does not come with supercharger.what is the diffrence between the one without the supercharger and the one that has the charger besides the horsepower. lets say i want to upgrade it and ad a charger and other mods for 75+ mph,is there a diffrence in the engine? help thanks

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    everything is the same, except, theres a supercharger that adds up horsepower,ther MAY be some slight diferences like the panel has more features, but thats about it.
    not sure about modding, but the o7's have ceramic washers that can cause alot of dammage to the engine.
    Overall the NA (naturally aspired) engines are more reliable.
    About the modding, its all up to how good you are at it,
    for me it seems logical to get theone with the supercharger (if you decide not to mod it in the end) and i think it would be easier to mod it as theres already been one , and you change it. then again , fittings and other things might not fitin the previous SCs.
    So in that case the non SC would be easier to mod as you CREATE something new instead of DISASSEMBLING and trying to fit the mods in the places where the old one was.
    Like i said, this is a question for people who mod them,they will know.
    Overall its up to you, either pay more and get a more versatile machine or go simple.
    Hope i helped.

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    You would have to change the pto cover and crank gear. The 215 also has an intercooler inside of the intake manifold. The supercharged motor also has forged pistons.

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    Thanks guys for the Help!!!

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    If you want to supercharger the N/A rxp youll need to change the PTO, Flywheel, pistons, ECU... it not just a matter of bolting on a supercharger. youll need to change alot of parts to make it work. the N/A rxp also doesnt have VTS... IMO but the supercharged model.

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    It looks like it is not worth getting a n/a supercharged to save some buckes ill stick to the 215hr rxp instead.

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    also the drive Shaft, impeller, wear ring, accordion boot, carbon ring, thru hull fitting, and top hat is also different....long story short. If your already a member of greenhulk. Do yourself the favor and buy the 215....
    Don't make the same mistake I did....hahaha

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    lol i almost did but thank god i found this forum and got the answers i needed and some good advice, Thanks

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