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    Cool Submersible Lights

    I am needing to replace my submersible lights on my trailer. What are the best lights to get? I would like to find a good aluminum light box for protection as it seems most of the submersible lights I have seen look relatively cheaply made.

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    LED's bar-none

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    What are thoughts on best brand? I would really like to find an aluminum light box of some sort to protect the lights as I just replaced mine about 1-2 weeks ago and my wife broke one yesterday. Have been reading a lot of forum posts on the web about luck with Dry Launch but they are not LED.

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    I got a set of LED lights from walmart on my trailer. I think they were like 45 bucks. They have lasted one season so far. We will see if they make it another. I hate trailer lights!!LOL

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    On my old single trailer I used some 90 degree galvanize steel pipe with PVC slipped over it as "risers" on the back corners. The lights were mounted near the top. It kept the lights out of the water and made the trailer much easier to see behind my truck.

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