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    Recommendation on some goggles needed

    the air can be rather cool in the morning and sometimes all day which can make a guy particularly teary eyed while zipping about on the open ski. Yes, i usually wear polarized shades, but they do not eliminate the eyes from tearing up from the cool air.

    Similar to skiing, i'm considering wearing some ski type goggles to stop my literal crying.

    any recommendations or helpful considerations for saltwater application?

    PS. some times not so bad to clean out the tear pipeworks, but it's not always wanted and i'm all about having a good time on the ski and not crying on my ski.

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    I have two pair - each are OTG (over the glasses): One brand is Smith, I'm not sure on the other... not recommending this site, it's just one that popped up on Google, to give some examples:|b|6473712524

    In either case I only paid about $50.00 for either pair; one being bought from Cabela's.

    One pair is tinted a rose color, the other pair is clear. After using both, I'd rather the clear lens: Since they are OTG, I can wear my sunshades underneath, or take them off if it gets cloudy or is foggy, yet I can still see clearly. Just my 2...

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    Cool, thx for the recommendations 83G!

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    i just use the same goggles that i ride my quad with =) you can find them on ebay for relatively cheap. can also get clear lenses, tinted lenses. just try searching mx goggles or something along those lines

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