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    Hurricane is saying 16.1 volts while riding - charging voltage too high?

    hi guys this is the 1st time I've been on the Hurricane i brought it with a dud piston, my question is it charging too high?

    at full stick the MFD reads 16.1 volts


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    This would be the voltage displayed on the MFD I presume. The MFD's display of voltage can sometimes be inaccurate.

    What is the voltage reading at idle? At mid-range RPM?

    You can confirm the actual charging voltage with a multi-meter connected to the battery posts. Battery voltage while running should be about 14.0 to 14.5 volts and remain fairly stable regardless of RPM.

    You can test this on the trailer, without water cooling. Just start it, check voltage at idle on your multi-meter. Apply a little throttle to bring the revs up, monitor voltage as RPM varies. No need for wild revving, and the entire test should take under 20 seconds.

    If the voltage does not remain stable, then it is likely you need a replacement LR voltage regulator module.

    That said, be sure to ohm check the grounds inside the electrical box, and back to the engine itself.

    If you have the original (non Update Kit) ignition system then you also have a thin black wire from the electrical box to the battery. Disconnect that thin black wire while ohm checking the electrical box grounds. Reconnect it only after you have proven that all other grounds are good.

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