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    pwc lift hoist question on bunk width for rxp-x and rxt-x

    i purchased two pwc lifts. 6 inch tall bunks.

    Do i set the width for the flats on the hull? there is a 2-3 inch wide flat area on hull.

    Or just set them so the ski doesn't hit and it will be ok?? I ask because trailer bunks are angled with 2x4 with a wide foot print against ski, which these only have a 1 1/2-2 inch area. If i do the same, only the corners of the bunks will be in contact, which isn't much surface area for holding.

    i just don't want any issues. common sense tells me the flats


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    never mind. figured something out. I took carpet off bunks and cut the bunks 20 degrees, that way its gives it about 2 inch foot print, instead of corner. Good to go! Now where is my viton seals....

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