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    Going to look at '96 WaveRaider 760 Help?

    I'm told it runs strong. I will be able to test drive it. 186 Hrs. What is the
    reputation of this model and will I be able to get parts? How many Hrs. before I can expect a major failure? Your comments are very much appreciated!

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    hmm no raider owner comments... I have a 97 gp with the 760..I like it with this engine .. the thing about raiders is they are a great ski for chop.. the hull has a deaper v than the other model skis.. The down fall to twin and not a tripple in the raider would be not having enough power to push the ski thru the water as its hull rides wetter than other skis(raiders need hp)..with the 760 You could do mods to it to make it more powerful..hard parts are still pretty abundant ebay and new..most of the pump and drivetrain configuration is shared with the Venture and the GP...trim and other accounterments are raider just dont know on any REPAIR stuff not knowing how it was maintained.. its a coin throw as to when it can go ,but there are those running with 300+ hours still on the o/e first build.. hope this helps

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    Thanks for the information. Very helpful. I'm also looking at a '94 760. White hull with purple accents. Any thoughts on that one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edd View Post
    Thanks for the information. Very helpful. I'm also looking at a '94 760. White hull with purple accents. Any thoughts on that one?
    It sounds like you're talking about my ski; a 1994 Raider with the light purple lower hull and the 701cc engine rated at 80hp. The '96 hull may need a lot of hp but not the 94. That measly 80hp will push my ski to over 54mph measured with my gps . Stock! Well, it does have a ProTec ride plate since I lost my OEM plate when I forgot to tighten the bolts .

    I have no idea how many hours I've got on this ski. I've owned it since it was brand new and the only trouble I've had was last year when I got it ready for the water. It had a corrosion crack in the exhaust pipe. My buddy had his friend weld up the aluminum pipe and I was good to go. I'm now a saltwater boater and there was evidence that salt had done it's damage in there. I thoroughly flush and clean my watercraft after boating but its difficult to remove all traces of salt.

    The 94 Raiders were known for going fast (back in their time!) in a straight line but not handling all that well. It certainly doesn't turn as good as some other skis. On the other hand, I love to go WOT and this is what's on my face when I ride it: !

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    Hi All, I have a wave raider and its been trouble free,all parts seem available not sure of the hours but it,s had 3 owners and still on the origanal engine, still holds it with the big boys,and can still be thrown around.

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