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    The mystery of steering master bushings

    2000 YAM SUV
    Too much play in the steering going up and down. Took park of it apart and manual says I need to replace the master steering bushings.
    Problem is there is no part # for it and noone on the threads seems to know much about replacing these to get tight steering.
    All cables and nozzles good.
    Anyone who has done this or know how to do it/parts where, etc. please let me know.

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    Maybe someone has done this on another model ski, which would be similar or even the same. Since Yamaha only lists the entire steering box, what probably would need to be done is to disassemble the steering box and measure for the bushings. With the measurements, a bearing supply house should be able to get them for you. Mine has a little play in it now and that's what I'll eventually do when the time comes.

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    It looks like you are correct in disassembling the steering box. Noone is going to pay 400 bucks for a new steering box just because the steering is loose and the only way to go looks to be what you suggested.

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