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    Sarter removal, 2001 700 virage

    I have taken the two bolts off, disconnected the starter to relay wire; what else is there? this thing will not come out..

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    Give it a tap it will pop out

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    Ok that's what I thought, i just wanted to make sure nothing was inside holding something before I got real rough with it. thanks

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    Well, no luck so far; I’ve used a piece of wood placed it on the front of the starter and tapped/hit, no joy. I’ve pried with a screwdriver hard enough that I didn’t feel comfortable to pry any harder… still no luck. So, there’s nothing internal? I’ve only unbolted the two bolts located behind the starter and of course the batter/relay wire.

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    Sometimes they can be really stuck. There are two o-rings inside the cavity where the starter motor snout is stuck, which are supposed to keep water out. The snout on the starter motor can just get really stuck in there.

    If you can get some PB Blaster or Kroil into the seam where the starter motor meets the case, it might do some good. Let it sit, and re-apply a few times over the next day or so.

    If you are impatient find some hardwood or a steel drift and apply very solid hammer blows (large hammer) to the front face of the starter motor to force the starter motor to slide backwards.

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    Get out the big boy and wack the crap out of it like K said Its starting to get warm out, no time for stuck starters

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    Agreed but it will have to wait; my time has run out. I'll start back on it next week. Thanks for all of the help...

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