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    WTB GP1200 parts 98

    have a 98 Gp1200 rebuild i'm doing
    compiling a list of what i need, pm me with prices shipped to 33919 if you have what i'm looking for... thanks in advance
    Wear Ring
    the 4 long pump bolts (we had to cut them in half)
    the short trim cable from the back (*about a foot long)
    air cleaner lid (just the screws actually these are rotted out)
    gas filler lid
    glove box lid (blue)
    also probably ordering an intake gasket kit and 3 carb kits after I look thru my inventory and figure out what I have.

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    I almost finished the same ski and sounds like your running into the same things i did i ended up ordering alot of part from riva
    link to the parts page
    pm me and i can send you some of the links i ordered if it helps

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    I have everything needed, pm me back if your interested, thanks

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