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    93 701 vxr pro overheating

    i ve had the ski for a couple of months now and it always ran great. Last time i took it out i put it in the water, took a 2 minute ride and i felt something was wrong. when i opened the hood the engine was extremely hot and the ski went into limp mode. I checked the cooling lines and they are all clear of dirt and debris. When i run the ski with the hose it does not overheat but when i put it in the water it does. Since the coolings lines are clear anyone have an idea of what else it could be?

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    Please can someone help!! i cant firgure out what it could be!! im going crazy!!

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    you may have some sand / blockage, in the motor. i would blow backwards, from the head down and back. ( not just the lines) to be sure all is open and clean. sometimes you just need to start pulling things apart, and inspecting.

    also i have seen the coolong lines in the through hull, become cracked, from not winterizing properly, and leacking water/pressure, into the hull. you can test this, by pressure testing, looking for leaks.

    also, a jet pump cavataing will cause air in the system, and possibly over heat.

    also could be a whole other issue. a "lean" condition can and will cause detonation, witch leads to heat. if you are certain your cooling system is working properly, look at your fuel system, and carb(s).

    running on the hose, introduces cold water right into the head, also, your ski is not underload. it will typically run MUCH cooler on the hose.

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