These are available in stock sized

and over sized

RIVA High Performance Valves are engineered to improve reliability and performance in high-boost supercharged & turbocharged engines. Intake valves are built from high grade EV-8 (24-4N) stainless that is extremely resistant to corrosion. Exhaust valves are built from inconel alloy (IN-751) that is highly resistant to heat damage. Valve heads have been redesigned for increased air flow and durability. Valve stems feature hard-chrome plating for superior wear & lubricity. Kits include high strength valve locks, precision machined from 4130 chromoly. Drop-In Valve Kits: Direct drop-in replacement valves require no machining of cylinder head.
Oversized Valve Kits: +1mm Intake & +1mm Exhaust valves deliver more air flow (requires machining of cylinder head).
Key Features:

  • Stronger & lighter than stock valves.
  • Redesigned valve heads for improved air flow & strength.
  • High grade stainless intake valves resist corrosion.
  • Inconel exhaust valves resist heat from high boost applications.
  • Valve stems are hard-chrome plated for improved wear.
  • Includes high strength valve locks.
  • Sold in sets of 16 (8 Intake/8 Exhaust).