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    polaris SLT 750 no power

    I have a 1995 polaris slt 750 with a new SBT motor runs fine but when I spin it or turn fast it does not pop back out of the water quick takes a few seconds then it goes and planes out fine and if my MFD is right I am only getting about 30 to 35 MPH at WOT I cleaned the carbs and changed the internal filters. After I put the new motor in I ran it on the trailer for about 10 min then took it out and road for a bout 30 min not WOT yet went back and cooled down and then went back and went WOT ran great. then after about 30min to 1 hour I tried to spin it and it just does not seam to pop back like it should. I also installed the second fuel pump too

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    Second fuel pump? Sounds like a kludge from the old days. The correct upgrade is a triple outlet fuel pump.

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