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    powder coating intake & pump parts. Smooth surface hull bottom?

    I was reading a thread that Mikegpr03 started"Just back from powder coating take a look"
    Which I think warrents another thread. I will be redoing the bottom of my boats later this winter. I would have assume that I sand with a very fine sandpaper & then paint to have a smooth finnish. Apparently there is a science to this.
    I have 2 after market Ride plates that came painted(powder coated I think) right from the manufacturer.
    So, whats the secret to this science?

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    As for the bottom...the best thing is to take your time in finishing the hull. Don't rush to finish the job. It pays if you need any help please let me know. As for the ride plate get it sand blasted so then you can start with a 280 grit. Make sure you have a quality DA sander.

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