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    Unhappy about my yamaha gp760?? why does the warning come out and say 000 trip pls help!

    hello there well im new to all this and wish someone can help me, my problem with my gp760 is that the only way to turn it on is by me taking the cover off the carbs and putting a towel on top of the carbs, also when it starts the warning light comes out and reads on the dash 000 trip any ideas what that can be????

    i bought the ski about 2 days ago it has 62 hours on it and its a 97 and it look really new i change the gas on it and did a lil tune up but idk what else to do

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    Welcome to the Hulk.
    You may have better luck posting this in the "Old School" section.
    As far as starting, these skis are a pain when cold. Long term, install a primer kit.
    Short term it may be easier to remove a spark plug, squeeze an eye-dropper full of gas into the cylinder, replace plug and fire it up. I've done this with mine for a year now. It may take 2 or 3 attempts.
    Good Luck!

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    Well i have no idea and now i send it to a shop witch ill be paying more in repair then what i payed for the ski i just want to have fun and not worry about it breaking down on me you know but thanks ill make sure ill tell them to put me one of those kits

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    i have to put a lil starting fluid in the lil intake (the rubber one) i have had 3 gp760 there was alot of electric problems w the cluster and starting. Thats yamahas excuse. but i still have one and its a great ski enjoy......

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    you can keep a 3' or 4 ' piece of 1/4 " small clear line in the storage box and blow a little 2 stroke fuel in the intake area hole of the air cleaner it fires every time for a cold start if not carbs could be in need of a service kit from sitting around and the carb diaphrams and hard and need service or install primer choke is useless except for flooding motor and draining battery

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