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    Soggy Dog audio install on 2007 Aquatrax Turbo

    Still a work in progress, but wanted to post where I've gotten thus far.

    I've got the speakers mounted in the mirror housing and I've figured out where to mount my amp and charger relay. Finding a mounting spot for the amp was the biggest issue so far.

    I hooked everything up on my workbench to make sure everything was working before I started the install. Here's a vid:

    I'm waiting on the new/secondary battery get a full charge then I'll have to figure out where I'm gonna put it.

    I'm trying to upload some pics of what's I've gotten done so far, but the site if giving me issues uploading my pics.

    I'll try to post more pics as soon as I am able. At the least I hope to have the full install completed by next weekend.

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    I made some more progress and posted an updated video here:

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    Looks nice, like the ipod feature

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    those are smaller than i thought. Might look into that for the f12x

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    I posted some vids to my YouTube channel as I was having issues posting pics to this site.

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