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    951 DI what can I do to improve performance

    As the title says I am working on a 951 DI in a GTX the guy wants it to go a bit faster. What can be done to these motors impeller etc to help. I had really good luck with Bens secret mods on my carbed 951 so I know there are some really knowledgeable people on here.

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    unfortunately not much. there is only a couple things that you can do to a DI and thats the kit from PPG or look at Group K

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    I have a Di too.. could we do an ecu remap? or mpem rather?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black_982008 View Post
    I have a Di too.. could we do an ecu remap? or mpem rather?

    Check out the PPG link that Airbornexp posted. That is what they do as part of their Level 1 kit. Be prepared to break out your wallet though. $949.00 +ship and to run high octane.

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    Bolt on .5 to 1.5 more top end plus stronger midrange and less cavitation on take off. All without touching the motor.

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