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    Rentals in South Jersey

    rHi Guys,

    I'm looking to get a place in the Toms River/Lakewood area for 6-8 months. Not a "shore house" but an apartment with a garage, or a small house I can rent. Does anyone know a good online resource or good real estate agency to find a place to live?

    Obviously, living closer to the bay...will be easier to rideee

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    What is your budget?

    Do you need to be in TR area?

    A better boating and more economical location would be south.

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    I'd like to be in the TR area, just because there's more action, and closer to actual office/industrial areas. I'm considering lacey twp up through the Manasquan area. Are there any good resources in the area where one can locate a good rental?

    Budget approx $1000/month (Hopefully less though...need to save for gas $$)!

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    good luck finding something in the 1000 range with a garage in the t.r area? i'd go more south like bar bay said.

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