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    2001 Kawa stx di cooling experts ?

    On trailer if aux. cooling hose is hooked up to port on the exhaust arch (the T fitting used to flush the ski) little if any comes out of the bypass and the engine temp will climb to 200 F. Disconnect line to the exhaust manifold that is feed by the jet pump(also a T) and it gets plenty of flow out the pisser and engine runs cool. Blew out with compressor and water all fittings and lines. The line from the bottom of the exhaust to the thru hull always dumps plenty of water. When using the flush port it appears all the water is exiting through the thru hull and out the pump not leaving much for the engine or emm. Any ideas ?

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    Just for info, I found that the front plate (by oil injection pump and in front of stator housing) of my 2000 was totally clogged and not allowing water to flow to the EMM at all, also not cooling the stator area). I removed the injector pump (2 allen bolts) and then the housing (5 bolts) and was able to see my problem. I blew air thru hoses first to try and pinpoin a probelm area.

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    When the cooling water gest restricted there, the $1200 EMM smokes.

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    when removing the oilo injector and the front plate, is there a gasket? If so, will it probably have to be replaced?

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