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    98 pro 785 in texas on ebay

    I would assume everyone on here has seen this one. Looks like someone offered him $1,500 for a slightly moded 98 pro. It wasn't me but I think that was a a fair offer. Any other opinions? Look closely at the picture of under the hood, looks like some sort of venting system. 1433860QQptZPersonalQ5fWatercraft

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    Here is his other ski for sale....Waaaaay to high even with mods......Make sure you don't "jew" him down.....

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    I hate auctions that start below "reserve".

    Why not just start every auction at the very least you'll take????? Can't tell you how many times I've placed a higher bid than what the auction closed at. But because no one else bids against you to up the price, it doesn't make "reserve". It's a stupid option if you ask me.....

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    Agree, reserves are kinda pointless...

    Nice looking ski though, I like the graphics.

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    Nice looking ski.

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