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    Kissimmee River Update

    For those of you I was fortunate to meet and ride with last Saturday at the Kissimmee River, I first want to thank you. Secondly, I figured I would update you on what happened to my ski. I'll briefly describe what happened Saturday for those of you reading and didn't see my ski. We were riding aggressively when I felt my ski start to hiccup and lose rpm's. I stopped the ski and fortunately Dave was by my side (he deserves a special thanks and I owe him a drink). Steam, which seamed to look like white oil smoke at first, bellowed out of the engine compartment when I opened the seat. Long-story short, I had a major water leak that was equally as strong as my 500 gph bilge pump. The rest of the crew showed up and my prayers were answered as I was surrounded by more than 5 mechanics, even though one blew his ski, j/k. We determined it had something to do with a leaky exhaust, however it wasn't until we nursed it back to the dock that we determined it was a blown waterbox. I run a Groco water strainer setup and when I pulled the filter it was apparent that I was starving the exhaust system of water and therefore melted my water box. After pulling the box yesterday, I just glad the fiberglass didn't catch on fire. (See pics)

    Again, thank you to everyone for your help. I'm definitely in debt to you and if you ever need me and I'm around (assuming my ski isn't the one broken) you can count on me to be there.

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    Got Boost? psycho rxp's Avatar
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    Wow, that looks familiar. I've been there before. Glad we could help out,
    And get you floating again. Let me know if you need anything to get u back
    In action. I have that waterbox, and pistons for ya whenever your ready.

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    Eric Ocman's Avatar
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    Riding shallow water etc u need to check it often. Should there not have been an alarm?

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    West Texas RXP skoepp's Avatar
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    Did you exhaust sensor in the water box never go off???

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    Quote Originally Posted by skoepp View Post
    Did you exhaust sensor in the water box never go off???
    That's what I was wondering...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuckmoto View Post
    That's what I was wondering...
    Good question... The alarm never went off. We were all wondering that as well. I will check the sensor later, especially if I reuse in the new water box. The sensor was installed and was plugged in at the time. No codes or warnings either.

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    Ive had that happen when my strainer got pluged up. I was only 15min into my ride when i noticed that no water was coming out of my intercooler pisser. I got luck only blew the baffle out which wore a hole through the box. Oh i also never got an alarm when it happend...

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