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    Where to buy rubber boots around RXP coils?

    Judging from the OEM parts list, there isnt any number for the rubber boots/seals around the spark plug coils. Mine finally finished tearing to shit the last time i yanked out the plugs.

    Anyone ever replace these??


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    Thanks! But why is it not labeled in other microfische the one in this site under "OEM parts finder" link, or "cycle parts"?

    Because they dont show this part, does that mean i cant buy it from those sources?

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    WTF...and when i try to get to the homepage of that link, i end up elsewhere, with an image that doesnt show that part, just like the other 2 places ive looked.

    what exact website/homepage did you use to get that image?


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    go Greenhulk OE parts store link up the top gets you to 4-Tech or it is part of RIVA...then go Seadoo 08 RXP-X 255 for the Model and year...then Cylinder Assy. W exhaust Manifold...I know its a different model to what your after but I figure Same motor, Same Coil Packs, same sealing cup... Couldn't find them for Earlier model RXP...Hope that helps

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    Oh okay.....well thats kinda stupid of them. Yea, hopefully its still exactly what i need. seems that way like you say.


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