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    Speedo more accurate than i thought

    Finally got a chance to go out and ride my 09 FX SHO for an extended period. What a blast!

    I would get it out on some calm water and open her up. I kept seeing 66 and 67 flickering back and forth on the speedo. So, i am thinking i was only going maybe 64 or 65. I keep hearing that the speedo is not accurate on a PWC. So i whip out my iphone4 and run the Max Speed app.

    Seems like my speedo is pretty accurate according to this. And i have compared the app to other sources and it matches them too.

    A little bit later(and a lot less fuel) i found an area that was TOTAL glass. It was awesome! I open it up and I see a solid 68 MPH stay on the speedo. I didnt have the app running on this one as my battery was almost gone and wanted to save it till i got back to shore just in case.

    Next time out, ill have my battery charged up good and do some more testing. But is it possible for a stock FX SHO to do 68 on super glass? And also take notice of the temp. It was only about 45 degrees this morning. Perhaps that helps it. I know it does when im racing my truck, but the ski has a super charger and i know that thing is heating the air up. So not sure if a few degrees cooler is doing anything at all.

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    I have no doubt your SHO will do 68. I did the same as you on my '10 SHO and was at 68 with a full tank of gas and I weigh 210. As for the speedo, I don't get anything accurate except a lower speeds.

    BTW there are apps that will give you 1/4 mile times, 0-30/0-40 and other details.

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    I took out my FZR 09' with a ribbon delete, deck vent mod, air intake mod.......70 degrees ambent and 50 degree water I was seeing 70.8 and banging the limit.........forced induction loves cool dense air that = more power, 1/2 tank of fuel 150lb rider

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    Lucky you. When my ski was tock my speedo was saying 72-73 in 93* weather. LOL

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    i believe they are pretty accurate upto 70 mph... did a radar gun test on mine some time ago and it was pretty accurate not sure after 70 tho i have seen 81 on mine and am certain i was not going 81mph. would be amazing if it was.... got some ribbing off mates when i told them... oh well they were only jealous.

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    lol yea according to my speedeo i am hitting around 68945164

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