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    Another 1:1 pulley question urgent !!!!!!!

    I have a Ultra 250X with full stage 1 riva kit ,6 Degree Timing Mod , I/C Mod ...I installed the 1:1 pulley and R&D powershot, has anyone done this without the hp fuel pump and regulator? if so please share the powershot settings .If not i have a AEM wideband hook up and going to adjust the powershot. Previously I had the pink injectors, fuel regulator and hp pump and was guzzling gas also lost speed ,then tried same set up but with stock green inj still slower .Now I re installed the oem pump system and ski reving and boost reaching 13.5 on land ..Didnt water test yet !!!!!!!

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    Went out today , the ski works the best ever.... Adjusted the R&D powershot mainly in the WOT red Zone and she runs AFR of 11.2 ..... RPM's 7650-7700 boost 12.5Psi .................My view no need for the hp pump and regulator when using the 1:1 pulley..........

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    powershot is a POS because when they fail the tune goes lean.............Not so good on a SC engine

    yes a 07 ski will work with boost alone

    But when doing it safely and correctly you NEED a pump and reg

    that way your pressure wont slump

    I have had a Pressure gauge on my 07 since new basicly and the STOCK pump slumps down as low as 34 psi some times

    So to be sure I suggest pissing of the crappy stock pump and doing it right the 1st time.........

    its all been cover here 00's of times

    if you are useing a STOCK prop then your RPM's are down, as on my 07 piston 1-1 I and many are at 8000+ and 13ish lbs

    now with my 9.5 1-1 I am over 8350 before I tweeked the prop to reduce RPM's


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