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    Exhaust Temp High

    Newbee operating stock 2006 RXP in small private FL lake received warning beep and indication of high exhaust temp at about 60mph. Slowed way down beeping stopped and all seemed fine. Continued on about 1/4 mile then ski bogged down and shut off. When I restarted, it didn't want to start. I could not get much speed 2-3mph and limped home. Ski is on lift. When it happened I thought I was being electronically limited "limp home mode". Now at work I'm thinking there may be a big wad of weeds in the jet pump. If it is not weeds, I would like to know more about the limp mode, if it is indicated, what can cause it and clear it. Oh, and what else might cause high exhaust temp.


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    You pretty much got a handle on it. Prob. Weeds clogging your water flow to.the exhaust and waterbox. Check to see if its clear. One you fix your flow problem it should run fine again. It will store the hot exhaust code in the computer but nothing else.

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    high temp

    Run the ski on flush and make sure you have water coming out of nozzle and exhaust port. sounds like your pump might be clogged. if no water coming out of nozzle its clogged and you will have to pull water line that goes to flush nipple from inside of hull and bloe air through the fitting and also through the pump. (if you look closely inside the pump you will see the holes inside of pump. but if you have water coming out of both and manifold and gooseneck are not piping hot you are in the good.

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    I'm thinking it is a bit more complicated. I saw no weeds in pump while on lift. Motor will start right up when left for a while then when circulation begins it bogs and I thought it was smoking too much (white). I am suspecting the IC may leak. Will pull out and inspect in my garage when I can get the dude to open the boat ramp (private lake). I will try to come up with a way to pump air in it in a washtub and leak check. As always, Thanks! You guys are great!!!!!!

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    Had the same problem, last year when riding my challenger , went behind an island and there turned out to be an ocean of weeds, challenger slowed down from 30mph to about 3 mph, tried to drive out ( had a nice 50 meters to drive) midway, exaust overheat turned on, stopped for a mi ute, tried to get out again and tadam, burning smell. Opened all compartments and the engine compartment, probably had 5 solid minutes of a ton of green smoke coming out , with a very bad smell, got to an island , cleared the algae away went home, turns out the muffler paint fell off, the exaust temp chip too, and a tube got loose causing some water to get in. So id recomend cleaning the turbine and try to avoid algae , especially floating one.

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    I posted a thread the other day about algae clogging my groco strainer and suffocating my exhaust water supply. Temps got so hot, burned a hole in my water box and could have potentially sunk my ski. My guess is it has something to do with sucking up crud in the intake or something clogging the IC or exhaust water lines. Let me know if I can help.


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