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    Oil filter

    Hey any tips on removing oil filter on a 09 stx15f??

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    I use a fabric strap wrench and work with the seat off and a bunch of rags under to catch the oil. I can just get my arm in the front area of the engine with some difficulity and choice words. Check out the link first.


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    For your replacement, you could consider a K&N oil filter. They have a nut formed on the end of the filter body making removal a breeze.

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    If you screw the old filter up trying to get it out punch a small screw driver through it both sides and use the handle to unscrew it out!!!

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    As I am sure you have already found out there is not much extra room to maneuver where the oil filter is. For me, i use standard KAW oil wrench. Stand on the "port" side of ski facing the engine and use left arm / hand to do the wrenching. I like to stuff a shop rag under the oil filter to catch any oil drips per removal. Once it is almost off I ditch the wrench and unscrew it the rest of the way with my hand. Don't drop that little bugger! If you do it tends to roll aft and settles somewhere on the starboard side of the hull near the engine mount plate and is a real pain to fish out . . .

    Even after repeated engine cleanings, I still have some skin and blood sitting in the Bilge of my 15F due to this very process!

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    Thanx boys getting my windows tinited in my car then gonna service her shes on 89 hours

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    I did not have any luck with the kawi end cap wrench, it kept slipping off. I purchased a "RiteFit" strap type metal oil filter wrench and that worked for me. Of course I don't tighten it as much as they do in the factory and each succeeding year it's easier to get off.

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