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    1050 Crank vs. 1200 Crankshaft

    I think I read someplace that if you if you replace the crankshaft of a 1200 motor with a 1050 crankshaft you get a stronger running motor. If I remember right, it was something to do the the 1050 crank is a bit larger taking up more space in the case, then this gives you higher compression. Does this sound right?

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    The 1050 is a full circle crank which does take up more volume in the cases as well as better balanced for less vibration.

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    ok. the 900/1050 crank does have a full fircle as mentioned but it will not drop right in. your 1200 has a longer rod and longer stroke. the 900/1050 rod and stroke are shorter and the piston pin diameter is diffrent. as your timing would be effected. we can build you a stroker version of the 1050 crank to bring it up to a 1200 or even bigger. it is not just a drop in performance type of thing. yes it does stuff the cases and it will increase your primary compression ratio a little bit.primary compression is made below your piston and helps push the air/fuel charge to the top of your cylinder.this happens when the piston goes from tdc to bdc. the big advantage is it is very smooth running and much better balanced crank with less vibration. hope this helps!
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