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    XL1200LTD Upgrades

    Looking to mod a 1999 XL1200LTD. Has super holeshot now and tops out at 57mph. Ski is totally stock, however, one of the oil lines is leaking (dry rot) and will go premix to avoid the hassle.

    I have the D-plate installed and have the PPK, Temp Sensor Replacement and Worx Grate ordered already as the grate is a big problem on these from reading the forums. I want to add FAs and a Solas 13/19 I had lying around to the pump end, but wondered about the carb rejet? Saw here where the 99' 66Vs didnt have the midrange lean condition like the 00'+ GP1200Rs.

    The ski is flying for a stock XLL and i'm 250+ pounds, no tach on it yet as I just got the ski, but will check my RPMs to see what im getting out the carbs.

    Any advice on where to go next?

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    I would return the worx grate and get an R&D or Riva......same grate.
    Ride plate with Cut.......2 choices Island Racing or Jims Performance.
    if you going to rejet, might as well have the head cut to 150 psi. 2 options for cutting head........same as above.

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    Thanks for the insight. Will make an effort to return the WORX grate, but I doubt it can happen due shipping logistics out of the country. I may be stuck with the worx! All the other mods are doable!

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