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    Hey Guy's Need Some HP Help

    I have the S200 with XS intercoolers, RR thermostat, 4150 RR ECU, 4" intake and SS rings with 14/19 skats. I went from 57.7 to a GPS 67.3. And now that itís winter time I'm looking for more. I read in a thread that the Riva S3 SC was really good. What king of HP can you get from that? Do you think thatís the best thing out now? Vs. the RR or the A impellers? I have the twin 185HPís and right now its running 8,000. I want it to be about to go to 8400 (I know thatís too high) with no load and light fuel that way when its loaded it should run about 8200 or so. Any Ideas? I'd love to try to get it to the 70 mark. Also I'm wondering if the VTS system would fit on it. The boats really need trim.

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    is your 14/19 skat a 3 blade or a 4 blade ?

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    the best thing out is b-kits.... 13+ psi of boost .. but expensive setup

    dollar for dollar the riva stage 3 SC is a good bang for the buck, just a little behind the b-kit.

    you can add two riva stage 3 SCs to your ski by adding 42lb fuel injectors since u have a RR ECU

    i bet that'd put u over 70 no problem

    question is... how crazy are you going to get on TWO stock 185HP block internals and valvetrain?

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    My Skats are 14/19 three blades. I hear you Shib I don't go real crazy with the RPMís for extended times. Just a blast for a minute or two. (Wife + kids= slow). lol I think the stock motors would be ok. I won't really turn them higher than 8250. Do you think I should go with the valve train up grade? I know it would be a good idea but the pain in the butt is I'm buying two of everything. I do plan to add the 42lbs injectors also.

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