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    Did I forget anything? 2001 700 Virage (Carb) water test preparation

    I recently bought a non-running 2001 700 Virage (Carb) It had been setting in seller's garage since 07. The previous owner said that when he went to take it out after that winter he was unable to start it. It would fire if gas was placed directly in the carb but would then die.

    Here are some of the things I’ve done;

    Verified and cleaned all water passages including pulling the thermostat, the hose that goes from top to bottom of the exhaust, the one with the screen, and pulled the jet pump. No major finding but this was a saltwater usage ski so it took some cleaning but it could have been real bad.

    When I pulled the jet pump I found that the driveshaft and bearing/bushing was in bad shape, appeared to be a lack of greasing, too clean and somewhat dry of grease. I replaced the driveshaft, bushing, and seals; packed the new bushing with grease as well as both ends of the driveshaft, coupler and the impeller; all teeth were in great shape. Once all was back together I put the grease gun to it.

    Verified compression, both read at 150; pretty sure my gauge reads high but they both were the same so I’m sure it’s ok; may not be a true 150 but they are equal.

    Rebuilt the carburetor, carb was pretty clean however the screen at the needle and seat was clogged with what I assume was fuel line junk, cleaned all including the water separator/filter, set the low needle at ~1 1/8 and replaced all fuel line. Starts and sounds great on the hose; all seems to work fine.

    Found that the oil sending unit cap was leaking; wrapped the oil tank neck and cap with thin rubber and placed a hose clamp over it secure it. Before, it would leak when I lifted the trailer tong up high to clean the hull. And would have definitely just fallen out if the ski would have rolled; which they seem to do sometimes.

    New battery
    Fresh gas,
    And now as of today I have the registration tags so I’m legal and will be taking it to the water this weekend;

    Is there something that I forgot and should do before I take it out for the first time?
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    Well, when you do get to the water, keep it on the trailer. Strap both front and back down to the trailer and back it down the ramp until the jet pump intake is submerged.

    Now you can run it with the seat off and monitor for proper operation. You can run it as long as you like, and even apply throttle.

    Check for proper engine temp, water or exhaust leaks, proper battery charging voltage on the MFI. Make sure there are no hoses or wires that will flop around inside the hull when bouncing over the waves.

    Operate the steering, and check reverse (should say Reverse on display and limit engine power). Generally make sure nothing is going wrong.

    BTW, if your reverse handle is stiff or binds up sometimes, there is a fix for that. You know where to look for the info

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    Excellent advice and will do… Of course I know where to go for help; that’s how I’ve gotten where I am today, because of folks like you.

    Again, thank you

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    Ok, I took your advice and left it on the trailer; perfect day for it because the boat ramps were very slow to no one there but me.

    No issues noted on the trailer so I decided to take it for a run. I had no idea what to expect, my last two skis was a 98 XPL and a 97 GTI which I sold both about 6 years ago. I was thinking it was going to be like the GTI but I was really surprised with the acceleration and top end… No XPL but a pretty big difference from the GTI.

    The only thing I noted was when I would do a slow acceleration it would hesitate in the low to med range. The accelerator pump appears to be working fine. Fast accelerations was flawless and ran good at the top end

    I’m going to pull the carb and go through it again but is there something that I should be looking for due to the problem described? I did adjust the low end both direction, seemed to work a little better (not perfect by far) when I richened it up some. From what I have read it should be at 1 1/8 so I’m going to go through it again.

    I guess the biggest surprise I had was how much my old lifejacket had shrunk....

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    Well, I went through the carb but I don’t think there was a problem; all looked really clean. I completely disassembled it and found no smoking gun. Previously I had made the base gasket so I went ahead and ordered a new one and will use it before re-installing. Also the original owner had place a boat pump bulb before the carb; I’m going to take that off. I added an inline filter right before the pump bulb but I’m going to leave that there.

    Won’t be able to test it again until my gasket comes in…

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    Sounds like you're doing a good job so far.Did you test the pop-off pressure ?
    That't pretty much when the needle seat open up.The '01 service manual calls for 18-20 psi.
    Also measure the "float arm" height (the arm that attaches to the needle) should be 1.5mm down from the carb surface.

    My '01 manual claims 1 3/4 turns on the low speed screw.
    Hesitation is usually lean-lack of fuel.
    It would be nice to pressure test the engine/make sure the crank seals are not leaking.(i'm a hillbilly and spray carb cleaner )

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    Of course I couldn't wait for the new gasket; I cannot believe anything is wrong with the one I made, when the new one gets here I'll install it. You are correct casey67 I was thinking I had read 1 1/8 but I remembered that’s what I had written down from counting when I first disassembled. After you mention 1 I looked it up and set mine to it. Took it out and it still runs bad low/mid range; top end runs great. I’m only doing short paths not to destroy the motor and really just enough to realize the issue still exist. I rechecked compression and I’m still at 150 on both.

    Thanks for your help casey67; I sure hope it’s not the crank seals it’s only got 37 hours on it but it is a 2001 so I guess it could be. I know it doesn’t mean much but when I took off the driveshaft cover the small portion of the rear crank I could see and seal looked new.

    Anyway still runs bad low/mid range once it gets to mid to high runs great; still think it’s something with the carb but all looks very clean.

    I have not checked the pop-off due to the lack of gauge but will find something soon. I’ll take it back down to measure the distance of the float arm; read your post after I had it ready to go so I went…

    Thank again casey67

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    Ok, I crudely checked the Pop off; seemed high so I used a smaller spring that came with the kit. I’m guessing it’s around 15 now. Also checked the float arm and put it at 050 instead of 060 again it was crudely done, I didn’t have a 060 but I had a 21, 20, and a 19 together, left it tight so I’m guessing around 050. Took it out and it’s PERFECT, absolutely no hesitation what so ever….

    Took it out for an actual ride and after about five minutes I decided to pull the seat just to see how things looked under power. Lucky I did; I noticed in the mid to upper RPMs there was an exhaust/water jacket leak on the Stator side above the starter. It was a small pin size water stream and only present when the RPMs were up. Just glad I saw it before any damage; of course I haven’t taken it apart yet……

    This was my last week to be able to work on it; it’s going to have to wait a couple of weeks due to a Sam Rayburn fishing trip coming up.

    Thanks for your help guys, the Carb issue is resolved; I’ll tackle the exhaust when I get back from Sam Rayburn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbullybully View Post
    ... I noticed in the mid to upper RPMs there was an exhaust/water jacket leak on the Stator side above the starter. It was a small pin size water stream and only present when the RPMs were up...
    Did you miss that leak when water testing on the trailer with the seat off?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yep, I can only assume I did; it must have been there just didn't see it. I was standing on the trailer in the water on the exhaust side; so I think it wasn’t all that visible from that angle. When I was riding I was more centered and looking down and saw it. Definitely should have caught it on the trailer; there’s signs that it’s been there. I consider myself lucky.

    I picked this ski up at a garage sale two weeks ago for a thousand bucks and he handed me a new battery, carb kit, and about 10 foot of new fuel line; awesome deal.

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