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    Jettribe 2011 Tour Launched!

    Jettribe Heading out on Tour Blog 2011

    It's cool for Jeremy Schandelmayer our pro teamrider runabout to volunteer and fly out from Delray Beach, Florida to our headquarters in Southern California. Like routine our staff at Jettribe picked Jeremy from Virgin Airlines at LAX, and brought him back to us in Moorpark, CA. It was getting late in the day, and so we greeted the jet-lagged Jeremey, who stayed at the local hotel the Grand Vista. The next morning we gave him his favorite first class deluxe meal at McDonalds.

    It was a crazy day for us at Jettribe. We spent nine hours packing and organizing the Jettribe Trailer with the 2011 Gear, and with a new record for promotional materials and free products to give away to our fans at our 19 Tour stops.

    To top it all off and add to the craziness to the chaotic, our Japanese Distributor flew from Japan and stopped by to look at the new line of 2011 gear, the same day! So we had to divide up our already thin staff to meet and greet our Japanese Distributors, and get the trailer ready for Jeremy to hit the road. By the time we finished loading the merchandise and the two race skis that came back from Thailand's Kings Cup it was 7pm. So we armed Jeremy with a GPS and a couple of thousand dollars of US greenbacks for disel fuel (heaven forbid the gas prices these days), and a few cases of monster energy drinks, a pilot fuel gas card, and a AAA card just in case.

    Thank you monster for a year's supply of energy drinks

    Full of caffine and like a true racer, Jeremy took off from our Southern California headquarters and made it to Arizona that same night! Keep reading Jettribe's blog to stay informed about our news, coupon special deals, and when we will be coming to your town. To be continued...

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    What's going on in Arizona?? Thought the big race wasn't until the 30th, and the 1st??
    Just wanna make sure I'm not missing anything

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