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    Portugal PWC forum

    A long time customer and good friend of mine in Portugal has started his own PWC forum. We have added a link to his forum in the links side bar on the left.

    I know we have quite a few members here from Portugal that may be interested in this new forum

    Thank you,

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    Jerry, thank you for your support.
    We invite all greenhulk users to visit and see our videos and photos. Feel free to register and leave some feedback. You are all welcome!!!


    Cláudio Cunha

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    Hi Guys

    Last April 10th, the users had the privilege to test drive the new RXT-X as 260 RS and the GTI 155 SE. It took place in one of the most beautiful lakes here in Portugal (Lake of "Castelo de Bode")

    Feel free to visit us and see the photos.

    Meanwhile i leave you 2 videos of the event.

    Please coment.

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    Looks like the music you used on the first video is owned by EMI and the video is now blocked to U.S. users.

    wish i could see the first vid posted, liked the second one quite well..

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    The videos are the same

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