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    Question 98 GP800 Carb Cleaning Tips and Maintenance

    I'm going to start my check list and have never had the carbs off this unit. Can anyone post picture or give any instructions on the removal/disassembly/reassembly and installation for carb maintenance. Are there any tips or issues that I should be aware of? I am going to remove the PV's and give them a good cleaning along with a few other things. As far as the jet goes is there any other maintenance than just re-greasing?

    Please advise on what other items I should go through while a disassemble this thing. The wave runner has 110 hours on it and I've owned it for 4 years. Other than some porpoising issues that have now been corrected I like the wave runner and want to properly maintain it.


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    Its not too hard. Start by searching for the Mikuni carb service manual online for your carbs. If you have a hard time finding it, post back here. Someone should be able to point you in the right direction.
    You basically just take them apart, clean them and reassemble with new parts. I recommend you only use genuine Mikuni carb rebuild kits.

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    Will begin my search.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Here are some links I have been gathering as I was planning on getting into the carbs too. I have no idea if your carbs are the same as mine but if they are here ya go

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    here are some lnks for the actuall rebuild

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    Awesome thanks for the links.

    So I have a 98 GP800 and need to purchase carb rebuild kits. I want to stick with Mikuni parts. I think I have the correct carb but if somebody can confirm it would be appreciated. The kit I require is Yamaha Mikuni SBN-I Series carburetor rebuild kit? Correct?

    Any info would help. Does the kit contain parts for two carbs?

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    I can tell you it is 1 kit for each carb.

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