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    Help with Strange VX110 Issue

    I have a 06 VX deluxe that's been giving me fits.
    For the most part, the ski runs good at mid and high speeds in the water. The prob is it idles rough, and surges at idle. After idling over 15 secs, it will start smoking and smell of fuel. If u hit the throttle after idling, it will bog a little, like its "loaded up". Basically, it seems like it runs rich at low speeds. Also, it turns 4 new plugs black after 5 min.

    heres what ive done already:
    compression is 178-181 in all cyls, has 500 hours
    leak down test is ok, with less than 20% loss
    new plugs and gas
    fuel press is 51 psi on my gauge
    air filter is fine
    timing is dead on
    valve clearance is well within specs

    swapped out the following parts with known working:
    complete intake manifold (inc throt body, injectors, air sens)
    cam sensor
    accelerator pos sensor
    4 coils
    complete wire harness
    stator assembly
    receiver assembly for remote

    Any help or suggestions would be great, thanks.

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    Were the cams removed prior to this problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GP1800 View Post
    Were the cams removed prior to this problem?
    They were removed way before the problem started, for another reason.

    I also put in a new timing chain after the issue started...

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    Nevermind!!! The cams were 1 tooth off.... Ugggggg!!!

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    Did this solve your problem. I like you have changed EVERYTHING including electrical aside from the exhaust and cannot figure out why the ski acts this way. Please let me know your thought.

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    Can anyone help with this issue. I am having exactly the same symptoms on my VX110 that has just been rebuilt.
    It idles rough and will mostly stall unless the throttle is held on a little. When you rev the engine it "loads up" and revs erratically. And it is turning the plugs black within 5 minutes of running on the flusher.
    The comps are 185psi on all cylinders and the timing marks are spot on.
    The cylinder head was reconditioned by a local engineering shop.

    Any insight is much appreciated.

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    even though you say your timing marks are spot on...

    check your cam timing again.... and after you checked it the third time, check it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shibby1485 View Post
    even though you say your timing marks are spot on...

    check your cam timing again.... and after you checked it the third time, check it again.
    Ok, will do and report back my findings.

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    This may sound too easy but have you checked for an exhaust leak. I had one do similar to that and checked the exhaust and didn't find it the first time and after running it with the seat off knew it had a leak. I had to put it on the hose and have my son to give it throttle wile I felt around the exhaust and sure enough it was cracked on the bottom hard to find.

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    Very interesting because I am working on 2011 300+ hours never been apart but wont go over 6000 rpm. I have swapped about everything but the engine. when hooked up to software the only thing I see different is the injector duration of .4 or something twice as high of a good running unit. everything else is normal . I am about to pull the cover and check the timming.

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