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    Painting aftermarket handlebars

    Bought my UMI setup and bars from a guy on here and was wondering how I would go about painted the handle bars. They look like they are a little corroded but not that bad. I have tried to clean them up but you still can see the marks from the corrosion, I want to paint them black. I know I could probably get them powder coated but I am looking to do them my self. I also know that I could just by new bars but right now this is not that big of a priority. Help and suggestions are appreciated.

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    hmm.. you could try to find some spray paint in hardware stores (id recomend you some in canada otherwise i dont know any in USA)
    just make sure you buy the spray paint that fits what you want and need. like: waterproof, uv proof, anti chipping , or extra grip. dont forget for the suface being painted on , Ex: stainless steel paint or plastic, ect, many types of paints. but it grip isnt MUCH of an isue , id get brake caliper paint, really durable, nice colors availible and when applied makes a nice thick coat. i painted some parts of my old trailers and theyve been in the sun 24/7 and the winter, some parts were in water, and it still looks good.
    its also suposed to repel moisture from the caliper, and be heat resist to some point.
    hope i helped

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