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    Need help, engine possibly seized

    This is what has happened so far. I have a 2004 GTX 4-tec 155. A while back I was riding the ski and at some point I shut off the engine. When I went to start it again it would only click, click but not start. Had to get towed back to the ramp by a pontoon boat and I did not have the hose pincher so I know it was not blocked off. Ski sat in my garage for a while after I got it home and I did not mess with it. About a week ago I started messing with it again. Jumped the battery and only click, click. Checked the starter relay and found 12v coming in but no voltage going out. Got a new relay and jumped the battery again and still relay clicks but no 12 volt going out. Maybe new relay is bad also but at this point I decided to bypass the relay just to make sure the starter would turn over. Rigged up some heavy duty cables and heavy duty switch and got direct battery power from my car's battery to the starter. I can hear the starter engage but the engine will not turn over. When watching this from the back of the ski I can see the impeller move just slightly when I hit the starter with battery power. Then it rocks right back after power shut back off.

    Based on this I conclude that the engine or driveline is obstructed or seized somehow. Now I have very little experience working on watercraft or PWC. My experience is completely automotive. If this was a car I would put a socket on the central crank pulley bolt and see if I can turn the engine by hand but there is no way to do that on the ski. Looking at the service manual there is a mention of a driveshaft adapter which looks like a big nut that I would put on the end of the driveshaft. So in order to try and turn the engine by hand I will need to remove the pump, buy this tool and see what happens.

    What am I missing, if anything, here. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to the Hulk..

    If you remove the impeller stator nose cone there is a 12mm allen hex you could use to turn to motor. Have you removed the spark plugs and check for water?

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    check for nesquik colored oil, that is tell tale sign

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    I removed the pump and pulled off the cone. Reinstalled the pump and used the 12mm allen to turn the assembly. Thanks for the tip beerdart. The engine turned over by hand. Pulled the spark plugs out and jumped the starter again and the engine turns over no problem. At this point I put the compression tester on cylinder 1 to check the compression and the starter got stuck again. Bottom line, starter is weak. It has enough to turn over the engine when the spark plugs are out. It cannot turn the engine over and compress. If plugs are in or even 1 cylinder has to compress with the tester installed the starter cannot keep up. I'll have the pick up a replacment starter from SBT.

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    Pull, and have your battery Load tested, or install a new one first. Jumping a ski battery
    Can damage your electronics. Then report back with results.

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