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    Added reverse to my 07' VX110 Sport

    It was easy! I ordered the parts from the diagram of the deluxe and only had to drill 3 holes and the rest was bolt on. The holes I had to drill were premarked even.

    I did do it back wards and had to start over (you have to thread the cable through the stern and I started with the fron of the ski.

    If anyone wants to know how I would be happy to share.

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    My friend did the same, those skis should have had reverse from the start. The cables are not cheap

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    Nice first post and welcome to the forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5001craig View Post
    Nice first post and welcome to the forum!
    +1. Welcome to Greenhulk!!!, Julio...

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    I would like to add reverse to my 2006 vx 110 sport. can you tell me the list of parts and how to do it. Thanks for sharing

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    Welcome to the forum!

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