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    1995 polaris slx burnt up ground wire

    Im sure this has been answered sometime but i couldnt find the fix for it anywhere.... I accidentally touched the electrical box to the battery and burnt up the small black ground wire that i believe runs to the starter... i am getting no power at all now. do i just have to reground the starter? or what do i have to do to fix my oops. thanks in advance guys n gals.

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    That burnt wire is the Black ground wire that goes to the magneto stator (not the starter motor) inside the flywheel housing.

    You need to replace/repair the damaged wire(s), or replace the entire stator. The stator itself is under the flywheel, so getting it out requires removing the flywheel.

    BTW, this is why it is recommended that you disconnect the battery negative cable if there is any chance of the electrical box touching the battery.

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