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    thought you guys would get a kick out of this video.. how UPS really works

    haha a funny video how "ups really works"

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    stockton, ca

    Sent from the Evo

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    I believe it. We have a horseshoe driveway and two houses here (me + inlaws), somebody is literally here 24/7. I've actually had to chase down the Fedex truck before as it was pulling away. He ran up to my inlaws door, slapped a sticker on it, and ran back to his van. Our UPS driver is cool though.

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    Me and the UPS guy are on the same page, he knows where to leave the package. No need for me to sign unless I am standing in the garage when he comes by. Ship a lot of stuff to my work too. That way I get it earlier in the day. At work by 3pm, at home after 5pm. The mail lady is a different story. I have chased her down.

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