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    Want to go 80mph plus 04 xlt 1390

    What do i need to do acheive this my upgrades are group k 1390,novi 48 mm carbs, jims ride plate, ir hole shot kit,vf 3 reeds,dyna fly prop, 05 high output kit any more speed tricks or is it time go conversion a rotax engine or gpr hull which is cheaper what do i keep and what gos all idea s welcome thanks a need for speed

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    I think you already know the answer.
    You can throw a lot of money at the 2 stroke and still not get over 80. I had everything but porting on my 1300 and was stuck at 77.8 on my GPR. It would have cost me a good $3K + to go ported 1390 and I still would have struggled to get 83-85 on the ski. By the time I sold my old parts and bought an RXP, I was out about $4-5K. I picked up almost a solid 10 MPH and we are still tuning. Do the conversion and don't look back.

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    Well here's one way:

    I think 80+ on that hull with a 2-stroke is gonna be a tall order....maybe possible with a triple piped big bore.

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