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    Newbie to Junior Stock

    I am new to the class and 14, I'm looking to race a newly rebuilt 94' 750sx stand up. It came with a coffmian pipe and ocean pro flame arrestor with stock single carborator. I want to make sure that I dont need to change anything in oder to race, with IJSBA rules.

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    Hey man..welcome to Watercraft racing! The ski you have with the mods you mentioned would have to be ran in Jr 13-15 Ski Limited. Where are you located?

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    Thanks for the reply this will be my first race, should I purchase a stock pipe so I can be in a lower class or does it matter? I’m located in Panama City Beach and will be attending my first race here. FYI I’m a girl, no hard feelings. Haha

    I’m also thinking about getting a blaster to compete with. Is that a good ski to purchase for me to compete in a sit down class?

    Again thank you for the information hope to see you if you come to the Panama City Beach area.


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    Hey why dont you give me a call and I can help you..I have a few tricks I can teach you and tell you...214-498-3592

    I will be in Panama City yes so I would be able to help you out.

    Blaster would be a good ski and I know someone who has one for sale at a great price!


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