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    drop in rpms/speed/etc

    I'm new to this site and looking for input...
    have 03gtxsc 180hours can only get 6900rpms/57mph...put on a riva stage 1 kit with blow off it the supercharger?
    Since putting on riva kit stage 1 with blow off valve supercharger seems whiney is that normal?
    what type of clamps can be used besides the small thin ones riva supplies?
    Also, lent ski to friend/ came back w/dipstick partially out and down 1+ qt of oil...what possible damage?
    use of ski has had numerous hours idling...can this be a problem?
    any input would be greatly appreciated since my dealer has not offered any solution...thanks
    sea ya

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    If the take off sucks, and the top end/rpms are in the range you say they are, it is most likely the supercharger.

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    too many variables...

    whats your prop look like? whats the wear ring condition?

    whats the oil level at when the ski is piping hot?

    is Riva Stage I the only mod? waS this done before or after your speed/rpm loss?

    are you positive 6900 is where your RPMS are at?

    Once you verify the basics like your prop, wear ring, oil level.... then unfortunately it would lead you to a possibly slipping clutch.

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    The whiney noise is normal, I noticed the same thing after i installed my power filter.....I THINK if your SC was shot,your rpm's would be a little lower then 6900....But like Shib said,lots of variables......

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