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    Question Polaris SLH Rebuild

    I am rebuilding a 2000 SLH. When I opened it up, it seems it has been very recently rebuilt, almost like they blew it while breaking in the motor. I have two concerns, the first is the piston looks too small, almost like someone bored they cyl, and put stock pistons in. I've attached some pictures, maybe im all wrong. The second is if this motor is new, what is causing it to blow? When I pulled the exhaust off there was a little oil in both ports of the exhaust manifold, and also a small amount in the crank case, so I dont think lack of oil is the issue.

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    You could be right on the bore size being too large, I'm only basing it on what looks to be rather excessive ring clearance on the second pic. Is there a fair amount of piston slap, can you rock the piston side to side? You need to change at least the bad piston so you can check clearance when you pull the cyls up. Looks like you have a very rich piston on the left and a lean or oil starved piston on the right. You will need to address/adjust/rebuild your carbs and check your oil/fuel lines as well.

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