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Thread: 2009 FX HO mods

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    2009 FX HO mods

    i dont see alot of mods for the FX HO here, thinking if picking up one when i sell the doo's want to stay away from the supercharged sho dont want the unnessary troubles, but i'm sure the speed trill i will miss, what the pros and cons between the FX HO and the FX SHO ??? what can be dont to the HO for low cost that will make a differance ??

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    Hi, R&D has a reflash available for the new VXR that has the same engine. That mod alone should put you at around 65-66 MPH and the fuel economy compare to the SHO is from night to day. Off course you can do the intake grate, ride plate and sponsons available for the SHO and you can also use the cold air intake available from riva and use it as a performance filter, it comes with a really nice velocity stack. Riva also offers an intake manifold upgrade that eliminates the flame arrestor. Good luck buddy, Julio...

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    Remember all these parts are available at the Greenhulk on line store and you always save 10% when you use the discount code (Greenhulk), Julio...

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    I would think it would be cheaper to have a Stock SHO than a modded HO.

    Reflash, intake,grate, and ride plate will cost over $1,000.

    Also, I have seen very few 1.8 HO's for sale compared to SHO's. That alone brings their price up. I also live in Florida where Waverunners are very common. I personally have not seen many for sale, and when they were the asking price was $9000+.

    There are a ton of MR-1 HO's for sale however. You might want to go that route. I had a 2007 FX HO cruiser. It was no adrenalin rush but it had plenty of power. They are older and more plentiful. I have seen nice cruisers sell for $5500.

    I picked up my 08 SHO with 4 years on the warranty for $7000 in January. I plan on keeping it stock for reliabilty reasons. A ride plate and intake grate would be the furthest I go. It is just too expensive to mod these things!

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