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    2006 RXP 215 vs 2008 RXP 215

    Seen these two for sale and in my price range. 06 has 111 hrs the 08 has only 25 with an extended warranty until summer '13. Difference in price is 3000.

    My original thinking was even if something happened I could buy a lot of parts for 3k, but perhaps not. I know older ski's can have engines replaced for about a grand plus labor.

    Should I save the $3000 now and have the flexibility for parts at a later date and time or go with the newer, warrantied one.

    Don't know if either have had the washers replaced yet, email in on the older one and waiting for a reply.

    Do these ski's ride the same or was there any desgin changes made between these two years?

    I have quite a bit experience riding but it all stems from late 90s and early 2000s so needless to say I'm out of date on any info.

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    id go with the 2008, more features and power, plus you have warrenty on it,
    and the 2008s dont need any SC washer replacements.
    but i mean it all comes down to this,
    do both come with a trailler or have any extras?
    and its really your opinion.
    but id go with the 2008 as its a much NEWER ski..
    new=less repairs (usually) so by the time it gets to 111hours like the 2006, youd save up for the parts.

    own a 2006 RXP 215 hp, lots of stuff to fix (sc washers, and body as its scratched)
    but tested it out on the water for a small run on abit choppy water and loved it.
    hope this helps.

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    Yeah it does a bit. Shouldn't they have same power though? Or are you referring to the 06 as may e having a bit of drop off as it's older?
    They do both come with trailers and the 06'has more extras but nothing really extraordinary.

    Obviously I'd like to spend less money but at the same time it seems much safer to go with warranty.

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    get the 08, negotiate with the dealer, get an extended warranty.

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    Oh nevermind i tought the 2008 had a 255, but yea,
    More power as in less wear and the parts like the wear ring and impeller,
    Just think of it this way, how long do you plan to keep it? 5years?10? In the end
    The resale value and the money you would have put in the maintenance would be less.
    Id go with a 2008 as its newer, and just imagine in 5 years the 2008 will be a 8 yo ski compared to a 10 year old ski, like i said , it will have a higher resale value and the hours youd put on it would also be a plus.
    Just negotiate abit with the dealer to drop the diference to 2500$ and get it ( or if you could do better)

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    The age is something I have been considering. Found another 08 with warranty for 1.5 yrs left that splits the price so I may go that route instead.

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