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    GP800r Dieseling

    Hi guys,

    My ski is in being repaired after sshearing the drive splines, for about the last couple of weeks using it it has been dieseling out of the water on a hose, runs fine just low idle in the water.

    Its in the shop and they are investigating it, are there any obvious points to look for the air leak on these?

    It had a full rebuild new liners pistions and crank less than 30hrs ago...

    Any ideas as the shop have had it for a month already!


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    If they're a decent shop, they should have no trouble finding an air leak. Crank seals, cylinder base gaskets, reed cage gasket, intake manifold gasket, carb gasket.

    Could also be an issue with the fuel supply (pickup, lines, carbs).

    When you say "dieseling", do you mean running on when the ignition is turned off, or knocking like a diesel? How does it run otherwise?

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    By 'dieseling' i mean that out of the water on a hose, if you so even look at the throttle it overrevs and then runs on after you pull the kill cord. Impossible to flush out.

    In the water its ok just idles too slow and eventually cuts out,

    Its at a decent shop they are just taking longer than i anticipated repairing it, rather than sort the engine issues while the pump was rebuilt with parts from the USA they just left it till this week (week 5 of them having it) which is starting to grate with me!!


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    Did you ever figure out what the issue was? Mine is doing exactly the same thing...

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    It was actually an air leak in my carbs. Took a full rebuild/pressure test to figure out...
    But in the end I did a good full rebuild with a long soak in carb cleaner, pop off test and tuned them correctly. It was the low speed adjustment.

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    The low speed adjustment was leaking air?

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    Any help?

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    Finally got it figured out. Carb was leaking a little air on diaphragm side. Runs great now

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