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    Fuel issue in 2002 GP1200

    I have a 2002 GP 1200 with 73 hrs. This machine has been sitting a while before i bought it . The problem I am having is that the machine will start and idle fine but when I give it full throttle it will get up on plane for a few seconds then it will bog down and die. If i let off the throttle, it will continue to idle. I can then get it to half throttle and barley get it on plane to about 20 mph then it bogs down again. This is very frustrating as I have replaced all the fuel, added some seafoam, and replaced the fuel filter.

    Any one have any ideas?

    Thanks for your help


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    Could be a number of things. Do a compression check first and see if all cylinders have good compression. Then I would look into rebuilding the carbs and check all fuel lines.

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    theirs small fuel filters in each one of the carb's ,most likely the problem but still do compression test


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