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    Under seat flush for a 2006 RXT?

    I have a friend that has an 06 RXT. He just installed floating docks and now it's really hard to flush the thing from the pump (not that it was ever easy!).

    I've looked and haven't been able to find, but does anyone make (or have a how-to) on putting an under seat flush kit on a 2006 RXT?


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    with the open loop cooling kit you flush the ski out from under the seat.

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    Make yourself an extension that screws in maybe 2ft in length. You can easily screw it in leaning over the back. That way you can easily hook the hose to that instead of fighting the hose in the pump tunnel. It's what I did for each of mine that stay on jet docks. I am working on some adaptations of OPAS block-off's to where they are manufactured and threaded with a male fitting on the smaller pump tunnel block-off and female fitting on the exterior larger block-off plate. A high pressure stainless hose would connect the two. I get bored easily and do random shit to see how it works. Some aren't going to like it but it makes it easier to flush when they are on the lifts or JetDocks. I basically made copies of the Riva's out of stainless steel and a set out of aluminum and MIG'd the fittings. Gonna test it out soon.

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