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    RXT X or RXT X as 2011?

    Hi, as you know, my sea-doo RXT IS 2009 sank last year... Now it is like brand new (4000$ of reparation, 40 hours since the accident) but I want to change it...

    Would you go for the 2011 RXT X or RXT-X AS? I'm sacred that the one with the suspension could sink again... What do you think folks?


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    If I were in the market to buy a new ski it would be the standard RXT-X260.....less complexity, less to go wrong or break, less maintenance.

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    I considered a RXT iS last year (2010) when I was looking, but in the end I bought a RXT X. My dealer had sold several iS models and thought that the simpler design of the X would be a better choice. I guess it depends on your tolerance for chop and what your local riding conditions are like.

    I have to admit that there are times when I'd prefer a suspension. Our lake conditions range from flat to light chop (80% of the time) and medium chop to larger waves (3' and up) about 20% of the time. My favourite riding is in the bigger waves, or flat to light chop. I wish I had suspension on those days when the lake is rough enough to produce some chop, but not enough to produce waves that allow jumping.

    On the whole, I've been pretty pleased with my "X" choice and have had no problems with it other than a wear ring (my fault). On those medium chop days, I tend to stay off until the lake either gets rougher (so I can jump) or gets flatter so I can carve some turns or take the kids tubing.

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    anyone else has an opinion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazdaspd96 View Post
    anyone else has an opinion?
    Yea, I do.
    I test rode the iS when it first came out, and loved it. But, there was just something I couldnt' put my finger on, while riding it, until about 2 hours of riding. I'm used to my 08 T-X. What I noticed when running the buoy course was that I felt isolated from the turning of the boat, and that my body english in the turn was not translated to the boat the way I planned it. I did eventually get used to it, and I imagine with time and practice, you did too.

    The new As has a fixed, Fox shock, which is only manually adjustable. Not a big deal, really. It all boils down to how important the suspension is to you, and the type of riding you do, and price.
    I find the basic X boat is fine for 99% of what i do. when it gets rough, you bend your legs and your body becomes the suspension. The regular boat handles better(or at least feels like it does), it doesn't tend to hook, which I thought the suspended boats always did. it was tough to figure out when to initiate the turn and feel what was going in through the turn. didn't like the isolation feeling.

    Then there is the price, and complexity of the as. The original iS has a lot of issues with the suspension and I think seadoo learned a lot from it. but, the as is still new, so it remains to be seen how reliable it will be in the end. also, there is the issue with working on the suspended boats.

    I really like the new S3 hull, regardless of which one you get, they handle very well, and appear to be pretty durable. it's hard to believe they handle the rough better than the 08 X boats, but they do.
    Anyways, that's my take on the suspended boats. they're great if you have a bad back, and do a lot of lake riding, and not a lot of buoy riding. i prefer a combination of both, and am to used to feeling what the boat is doing, and using body english to control the boat.

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