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    2000 Seadoo GTX DI - Free Flow Exhaust Question

    I would like to install a "Hi-flow" Exhaust on my 2000 GTX DI (951) removing the RESONATOR & MUFFLER RESONATOR (Why is there two?). Giving my ski a small weight reduction, better exhaust flow and a better exhaust note. Is there any reason i should not do this?

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    you need the backpressure on the waterbox, you can remove the resonator, but it will be really annoying, a free flow is better on a 4 stroke not a 2 stroke, I would not mess with the water cooling lines going to your waterbox or that valve the one that looks like a mushroom.

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    Please correct me if im wrong but from what i have been told there should be minimal, if any, back pressure on the exit side of the water-box.
    Coming out of the box there is 3inch rubber pipe, 2x sound resonators and then it exits the hull at 2.75inch. The only water injection points are, on the box and one located about 1inch for the exit point on the hull and both would not be touched.

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    The link above shows the concept on a different 2 stroke make.

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    you will have to leave the waterbox in place, you can gut it by removing the inside baffles. But once again it will not gain you performance gains on a 2 stroke. this mod will only make it annoying.

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    On the 2000 DI there is a noise reduction that is not used on later models it has a line running from air compressor to the NR and back.Unless you really know what you are doing leave the exhaust alone on the DI two stroke seadoos.They quieten the ski,and will not lighten it that much.For grins to see how the tuned headpipe works blow some air through it ,makes a sound like a tuba!!!

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